суббота, 10 декабря 2016 г.

This pillow is not just rescued me, it saved me from many worries! I bought it during pregnancy, when the stomach has just started to grow. First doubt that it will come in handy, but then, when the stomach has become a huge, night dream turned into a nightmare, it was terribly uncomfortable, and I began to enclose the pillow between her legs, she lay on her side, so it has become much more convenient! But even more than I did this pillow was saved when docha born. I could sit up, feed her on the pillow, and my hands were free, I could go about their business, such as knitting. I have, by the way, the only way out, because it would not let me anywhere docha. And yet, for example, when I was putting her to bed without this cushion, she woke up at once, had only put her in the crib. And if I lozhila her straight in the bed, she slept so sweetly, as in the nest. Throughout breastfeeding pillow to me this was very helpful, I do not know what I would do without it! And even now I use this bag. Doce, it is no longer needed, and I slept on it. The fact that it is very hard it was for me a pillow choose how much longer I have them tried, on every pillow in my neck ached, and with this pillow I am well enough sleep, it is not high, not low, not too soft, not too hard, in general, such as I have. So nice to sleep on it, even embrace it so that it warms me)) Conveniently, there is a removable pillow case, can be washed. But the very pillow I washed more than once. Of course there is little rolled-up filler, but not much. In general, the thing is very good and helpful, and the price does not bite. I recommend!

When I became pregnant with her third child, the oldest was 15 years old. Therefore, on this pillow, I heard for the first time. Sleep was very difficult back started to hurt, and I'm not getting enough sleep. During pregnancy and so the mood of "jumps", and if you still do not get enough sleep ... Here and decided to buy. The price was 1200 rubles (found very inexpensive). the comfortable cushion, not big and not small, there is a pocket for small things, a cover can be easily removed and worn (you can wash and change), different colors. I bought greenbacks. Have twisted, twirled, decided to choose a pose when the airbag lies between the legs, under the belly one end, the other props up the back. And finally, I began to sleep at night! Prior to the birth! Why did not I learn about it? !!

When I gave birth, my pillow again useful for daughter. I washed it (all) and put her in the crib. Not immediately, but when she began to spin. Pillow gave her stuskatsya of the bars of the crib. Bumpers too, but their width is not sufficient, they protect against bumps, if the child falls, but just below her pillow! Therefore, the child quietly sleeping, though turns during sleep. And of course, feeding in handy when the baby is not yet sitting and reclining in it. And I would put a pillow under her breast, when it's time to crawl. So she quickly realized how repelled legs. When my girl sat down, I would put a pillow behind her on the floor, so she did not dramatically sank and fell. Well, during breastfeeding, it is very convenient to pick up posture, that the child ate the milk of all shares, so there was no stagnation. Very good and a universal thing! I recommend!